Access Corporate Group is an innovative, comprehensive brand management company, connecting tens of millions of consumers around the globe to a selection of premium beauty, wellness and lifestyle brands.


We created a suite of brand collateral, as an evolution on the existing design elements. A secondary colour palette, form language and expanding on typography ensured the brand was able to meet their growing audience, maintaining brand integrity, and modernising the brand foundations.

The Electrical Trades Union


With more than 60,000 members, the national office of the Electrical Trades Union required its own secure digital environment to manage the various functions the organisation serves. From immediately mobilizing an entire union base to lobby politicians, to offering employers and employees a way to connect for work and keeping electricians nationally aware of safety updates and product recalls, we built a completely bespoke digital platform. Other major features were a content management system, secure members login area and fully editable intranet for the union’s national and state-based managers. We also designed and developed the national website and an app for both iOS and Android.

Blooms The Chemist

We evolved the Blooms The Chemist branding presentation to deliver visually consistent customer experiences that still have cut through. Branding work has been done across the Blooms The Chemist Masterbrand and Sub-brand and its application to many touchpoints. This includes the storefront, internal product categories and wayfinding, MyHealth Rewards, core Health Services and Health Checks, Promotions, Campaigns and eCommerce including Click & Collect.


Recycle Smart has partnered with Planet Ark, Mobile Muster and Oz Harvest to become Australia’s most downloaded recycling App.

We created the brand and app design. Our focus was to break out of the expected eco look and feel. We designed Recycle Smart to be a contemporary brand with a seamless user experience.

RecycleSmart works with Councils and businesses to help communities benefit from the economic and environmental advantages of recycling and resource recovery.

RecycleSmart is dedicated to helping councils and communities move towards a sustainable, zero-waste-to-landfill waste management solution. Designed to serve every council and community in Australia, the RecycleSmart App makes recycling and waste management easier than ever.


TAFE’s online training and education network (OTEN) had to directly acquire students when new regulations meant referrals from SEEK Learning were no longer legal. We developed a direct acquisition strategy, focusing on areas of education like Childcare. We then developed creative, designed and developed micro-sites and Google and Facebook search and display campaigns that cut-through to an audience interested in child care and building courses. The 6-week campaign achieved a return of 35 times on ad spend, more than 800 highly qualified sales leads and, over $240k revenue in enrolments.


Sheridan required a single brand management platform to communicate with internal and external stakeholders while also presenting the brand values, imagery and tone of voice.

We created a custom CMS and website that included brand video, internal branding documentation, user admin levels and reporting to create an immersive video and online Sheridan befitting of their brand, products and story.


Thailand often competes with Bali to attract Australian tourists to its beautiful country populated by wonderful people.

The youth market, defined as 18 to 24 years old tasked with a long-term objective to help educate Australians about the known and mostly unknown Amazing parts of Thailand.

Our strategy is built on market segmentation and the first target market are 18 to 25 year olds who are not aware of the variety and affordability of activities available.



In late 2011 we launched “Meet the Mavis”, an integrated ATL campaign which drove customers through an online experience aimed to let them discover the brand.

Four months after the launch, the campaign was taken globally and generated more than 600,000 impressions.

BY 2013
Mavi had achieved a premium brand position, gaining major retail distribution of the strength of its advertising, product and service. The challenge remained to keep it aspirational.

The Mavi campaign “Paint It Mavi” focused on the original Turkish concept behind Mavi, the colour blue, and built a market for the product as simultaneously accessible and sophisticated fashion. The concept originated from the playfulness of the brand, and stems from the idea of expressing fashion creativity and expressing personality through fashion. The campaign has had ongoing success in the global market, adding to the brands continued international growth.