The tea marketplace is dominated by several titans, with histories and presence to match. Missing in this saturated field, was a brand that effectively captured those consumers who seek out not just organic tea, but organic tea with authentic, artisanal grade flavours. With an existing connection to India, this start-up needed a full-scale brand development and logistics strategy to go from a single thought through to a place on supermarket shelves.

Drawing on every aspect of our design and entrepreneurial experience we’re proud of the many delighted and loyal customers the brand now enjoys. Direct to customers orders and Harris Farm supermarkets now sustain this growing and healthy business in a highly competitive market.


We aim to affect positive change through our work so we were humbled and excited when the pioneering Californian organic food company Amy’s Kitchen chose us as their Aussie eyes and ears.

We identified a long-term strategy around authenticity to build deep foundations that will build true brand supporters rather than flippant promotional relationships.

This translates into recruiting an authentic social media community for the brand with members that we believe in and who have the opportunity to genuinely know Amy’s Kitchen.


Our Bintang branding campaign included point of sale design and creation of a social media campaign, to elevate the brand to premium beer territory.

By creating a nationally targeted campaign evoking the memories and vibes rooted in past Balinese holidays, we managed to generate over 10.000 interactions within the first month.
Numbers doubled during the second month, and are still growing!


Listen Out, Fuzzy’s new boutique dance music event, was created as an alternative to large-scale music festivals. Our social media campaign aimed to exclusively reach out to true music lovers and influencers, while at the same time gaining the attention of the masses.

The success of the campaign was instantaneously evident. With a total of 150,000 views between Facebook & YouTube, the event sold out in the first hour, successfully redefining how the youth respond to music events.

The second video for the Listen Out campaign, titled “Going Deeper,” was produced to re-ignite interest in the music festival through its creative use of imagery and follow up on previous hype.



In late 2011 we launched “Meet the Mavis”, an integrated ATL campaign which drove customers through an online experience aimed to let them discover the brand.

Four months after the launch, the campaign was taken globally and generated more than 600,000 impressions.

BY 2013
Mavi had achieved a premium brand position, gaining major retail distribution of the strength of its advertising, product and service. The challenge remained to keep it aspirational.

The Mavi campaign “Paint It Mavi” focused on the original Turkish concept behind Mavi, the colour blue, and built a market for the product as simultaneously accessible and sophisticated fashion. The concept originated from the playfulness of the brand, and stems from the idea of expressing fashion creativity and expressing personality through fashion. The campaign has had ongoing success in the global market, adding to the brands continued international growth.