Compare TV

CompareTV syndicated PayTV and streaming services to allow consumers to make informed subscription choices based on price, genre, director and other important groups.

We created a classification system, using the supplied IMDB api, to ensure structure information is consistent. This system was built on Google App Engine and Google Cloud SQL providing a scalable and cost effective architecture.

The main site is wordpress, residing on WP-Engine, offering CompareTV PaaS services (backups, support, easy deployment and upgrades) allowing CompareTV to concentrate on business differentiators, not technology., utilises the classification API to create a Netflix type experience, when searching for content across differenet providers and distribution models. Customers are then redirected to a PayTV or streaming subscription which aligns with their interests and technology requirements.


Wiggle is one of the worlds largest online retailers of sporting goods with a specific focus on Cycling, Running and Triathalon with 20,000 to 40,000 transactions per week in their largest markets.

The team was tasked to deliver a financially compliant insurance platform that could scale to meet the global scale and scope.


We partnered with Velosure, a specialist financial technology company, to enable transformational growth into new markets both foreign and domestic.

We designed, built, run and measured a globally distributed digital presence, enabling the sale of bicycle insurance products via a transactional web application. The technology platform resides largely in Google Cloud Compute, leveraging GAE, Container Engineer and Big Query. A Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team provides 24×7 incident response, problem management and continuous improvement for the service.

SalesForce integration centralises leads and reporting functionality. This enables accurate reporting and forecasting whilst ensuring revenue growth via lead nurturing.

The Electrical Trades Union


With more than 60,000 members, the national office of the Electrical Trades Union required its own secure digital environment to manage the various functions the organisation serves. From immediately mobilizing an entire union base to lobby politicians, to offering employers and employees a way to connect for work and keeping electricians nationally aware of safety updates and product recalls, we built a completely bespoke digital platform. Other major features were a content management system, secure members login area and fully editable intranet for the union’s national and state-based managers. We also designed and developed the national website and an app for both iOS and Android.


We were engaged to craft the new digital platform for the globally respected, legendary Australian shaper that is Bob McTavish. Balancing legacy and history with progress and modernity was the challenge for our team of ocean-loving, surf mad creatives and developers. We are humbled but kind of proud to have delivered a new e-comm enabled website full of integrity but still fully-featured to cut-through in today’s digitally-driven environment. There is so much exciting work being done to expand the McTavish name beyond Byron and boards, and it’s worth checking it out, especially if you love surf.

Sydney Uni Student Union


The Sydney University Student Union (USU) approached us to created a mobile application to digitise their student union card and provide a communication platform to their members.

Members can use their application to receive discounts at the point of sale and be notified of important events from the USU and Sydney University clubs and societies.

The technical platform developed using node.js, produces a scalable event-driven API, able to federate multiple client databases and syndication services.

A combination of USU owned infrastructure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) was deployed to providing a stable, resilient and cost optimised storage, network and compute.


We were humbled to be briefed to develop an international program that would promote harmony between cyclists and motorists, creating a safer environment for all road users. A truly integrated through-the-line program was created where cyclists are encouraged to lead by example, aptly named “iBikeRight.” A suite of functional collateral was developed including a system of individual ID kits and stickers for each Australian cyclists. This is housed online at an interactive website that also features a national bicycle registry to help find stolen bikes, and a member database that links injured riders to their medical and emergency contact information.


Recycle Smart has partnered with Planet Ark, Mobile Muster and Oz Harvest to become Australia’s most downloaded recycling App.

We created the brand and app design. Our focus was to break out of the expected eco look and feel. We designed Recycle Smart to be a contemporary brand with a seamless user experience.

RecycleSmart works with Councils and businesses to help communities benefit from the economic and environmental advantages of recycling and resource recovery.

RecycleSmart is dedicated to helping councils and communities move towards a sustainable, zero-waste-to-landfill waste management solution. Designed to serve every council and community in Australia, the RecycleSmart App makes recycling and waste management easier than ever.


Will&Co Coffee is a rapidly expanding bespoke bean roaster with over 180 dedicated Australian clients. They are also creative folk with a keen eye for design.

We built their website to capture the a lifestyle mind and mood, back before Instagram was a thing. The visually rich, interactive and responsive website was ahead of its time, befitting of Will&Co’s high standards.