Thailand often competes with Bali to attract Australian tourists to its beautiful country populated by wonderful people.

The youth market, defined as 18 to 24 years old tasked with a long-term objective to help educate Australians about the known and mostly unknown Amazing parts of Thailand.

Our strategy is built on market segmentation and the first target market are 18 to 25 year olds who are not aware of the variety and affordability of activities available.


The international talent management group is the worlds largest and most respected talent agency, representing the biggest names in show business, sports and now, digital influence. IMG tasked us to create the Engage Platform. It is a new and streamlined way for influencers and brands to connect without

IMG tasked us to create the Engage Platform. We designed and built an automated way for brands to book influencer campaigns that required an engineering solution to integrate Facebook and Instagram account holders in a new way.



We developed the website for this new global surfwear brand. Banks is defined by its preference for sustainable materials and sophisticated design that matches style with function. We suggested our client use Shopify, an off-the-shelf e-commerce platform, but we applied customised development to make it better then a publicly available theme or template.