The Knife Of Opportunity

01 Aug 2017

It takes a special type of personality to enjoy spreadsheets. Accountants, media planners, OCD digital savants to name a few. And marketers, who in my corporate days loved The Powerpoint and The Spreadsheet.

I am not going to defend Powerpoint – ever, – but I have to admit to a soft spot for spreadsheets because they can articulate a Creative Vision to The Gatekeepers. How? In the form of a Commercial Forecast.

Still with me? Amazing. Let me explain.

A well built Commercial Forecast values, it quantifies and, it communicates the opportunities that a Creative Vision may offer, but it does so with metrics like dollars, market share, distribution goals, customers, demographics. It brings some “hard” tangible definitions to exciting, visionary ideas.

Nothing is more important than the vision. Without vision, there is no dream, no aspiration and no goals to manifest. But, because arguably the greatest challenge in realising a creative vision is enrolling the world to support its achievement, a Commercial Forecast Model can explain what the team behind the vision can produce. It lets you role-play with different inputs and envisage the outputs.

In any business where financial resources are scarce and limited, the Commercial Forecast gives your idea’s a platform to win investment, to earn supplier support or to motivate staff to run at audacious stretch goals. It is like a knife that will let you carve out exactly what the opportunities are, especially to stakeholders and investors.

When you are ready to move past The Back Of Napkin and get serious, can help translate your creative vision into numbers with a Commercial Forecast Model. It will help you get what you need to realise your dreams.

  • Author name
    Jonas Allen