Strava and Sundays Insurance achieving Velocity at Scale

03 Aug 2017

33 Bondi recently launched the Sundays Insurance brand and product sets across three countries, the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, with our partners Strava.
The sites,


present an OAUTH2 authentication, allowing for Sundays Insurance to grant free Perks to Strava premium members. We call this Strava-Connect. Partnering with a hugely successful company like Strava introduced four import elements:

  • scalability
  • performance
  • security
  • availability

33 Bondi Engineer selected the Google Cloud, with the PHP workers responsible for the OAUTH and sites encapsulated into Docker containers, using Kubernetes via Google Cloud Compute.

Data is written to the Google Cloud Datastore, and uploaded into BigQuery every 24hours to provide rich access to insights.

Since the Strava-Connect PHP workers are stateless, this enabled horizontal scale, a perfect companion to the Kubernetes approach.

Code is built, tested and released built via Spinnaker, ensuring a daily release cadence and deterministic deployments. Google Container Engine, managing the Kubernetes cluster, ensures uptime and self-healing across availability zones in the event of an issue.

Strava-Connect was built within 8 weeks and is currently live. The Google Cloud Platform allows 33 Bondi to achieve VELOCITY@SCALE through capturing Googles innovation, maintaining scalability, performance, security and availability, allowing 33 Bondi to build awesome products for our customers, and experiences for their clients.

  • Author name
    Jonas Allen