Packaging Design

19 Apr 2017 - Design


Simply defined, package design is the discipline of creating the container, graphics and visible outer presence of a product a consumer buys at retail or might receive in the mail. This container may range from a simple bottle and label to an elaborate box or system of boxes and inner packaging.

Roger Dooley, the author of Brainfluence, noted that 95 percent of our thoughts, emotions and learning occur before we are ever aware of them, and yet so much mystery still surrounds and subconscious.

packaging uses bio motive triggers in its designs, arguing that certain graphic elements conjure instinctive response from consumers. A cusp shape (think a shark fin or horns) conveys fear or caution, while curves represent softness and comfort. Elmwood’s clients also include Walmart, Schweppes, and Saucy Fish Co.

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    Jonas Allen