Google Cloud Functions. Why I am excited about the serverless future

19 Apr 2017

Google recently launched the Cloud Functions (alpha), a serverless platform for building event-driven microservices. At we are extremely excited at the possibility of a serverless future because it allows clients (and ourselves) to concentrate on building awesome solutions, not managing technology systems (servers, storage, networks).

Cloud Functions doesn’t support all workloads, as it event-based, but it certainly has its advantages. The scalable business logic for a mobile application, the Mobile App Backend Service, is a great example. It can be hard to predict the growth trajectory of a mobile application, with a potentially global audience. Using Cloud Functions, stateless computation is instantly scalable. A push notification could be sent to phones, triggered by an event, this could be popped off a Pub/Sub message queue or even a change to a Cloud Storage Bucket.

Mobile applications can be built with rich responsive features, and scale with revenue, ensuring your idea has the best chance of success and reduce the dreaded burn rate, through granular per request billing.


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    Jonas Allen